Monday, 9 November 2015

Dwarf Army Showcase (Part 1) - Dwarf Clansmen

As promised, here is the first in the series of my Dwarf army showcase galleries. I decided to publish these after chatting with another gamer about Bugmans Rangers over on Twitter - obviously this is a better place to display everything together in a more central location.

Anyway, here are my dwarf clansmen. I mix and match models from all sorts of ranges and eras to give lots of variation and keep the painting from going stale and boring. This regiment in particular has a bit of everything in it. I wonder if you can spot all the different types (?) :)

The unit includes 80s metal Citadel Miniatures, preslottas, Drastik Plastik dwarves (both types), 4th Ed and later plastics, and some Asgard Miniatures dwarves too.

Well that's it for now folks; I hope you enjoyed the first instalment. Next time: Bugmans Rangers!