Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Dwarf Army Showcase (Part 5) - Shield Maidens

Its part5 and now we've got the Shieldmaidens. I had the idea to do the unit yonks ago, in one of my zanier collecting moments - I think it must have been inspired by browsing through old catalogues and seeing the variety of models available. There were a reasonable number of female dwarfs sculpted by Citadel in the early-mid 80s, including a shieldmaiden, nursemaids, thieves/assassins, a queen, and rogue types - several are incorporated within this unit.

These are a mix of old preslotta and slotta Citadel models (including several shieldmaidens from the Northern Dwarves C Series range), along with a few Asgard dwarves to bulk up the unit.

Like the Hammerer photos, these photos were taken a while back. I've added some more, including some spear-armed models from White Knight.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Next time: Slayers