Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dwarf Army Showcase (Part 6) - Trollslayers!

Its part 6 and now we're onto the Trollslayers.

There isn't too much to say, most of the models are vanilla, with only one or two slight modifications like repositioned arms here and there. I've kept up with my varied hair colours, as is my usual. I found the Trollslayers to be a lot of fun to paint due to all the wonderful crazy hair.

My favourite has got to be this guy - the enraged Grim Ironjaw model. I am sure he must have been inspired by B.A. Barracas (Mr. T) from the A-Team (an awesome 80s TV show)

That's all for this time folks - hope you enjoyed it.

Next time: Dwarf Cavalry (yes - its true!)