Saturday, 21 November 2015

Dwarf Army Showcase (Part 7) - Dwarf Cavalry

Welcome to part 7 of the dwarf army showcase - the Dwarf Cavalry.

"Heresy!" you say - but you would be wrong. Citadel actually produced a few distinct dwarven (and gnomish) cavalry models during the 1980s! These are as follows:

  • Dwarf with pipe on pony
  • Dwarf Warrior on pony
  • Dwarf champion on pony
  • Gnome on pony
  • LOTR Gimli on pony
  • LOTR Tom Bombadil on pony - not technically a dwarf but is correctly proportioned for a mounted dwarf wizard (as you will see below).
  • Marauder Dwarf General on pony (this gets stupidly expensive!)

And, as Olde Skool Warhammer blog points out, they had rules too! :O

On discovering all this, I set out some years ago to build a small dwarven cavalry arm, with the intention of using them occasionally as Empire allies in Warhammer Fantasy Battle games. I managed to get hold of at least one of each (except the Marauder one), and used some additional greenstuff to convert musicians and a mounted hero. Apart from the hornblower, all the conversions were done with greenstuff on top of the models, so are fully reversible.

Aside from the Citadel models, my little cavalry contingent includes a Ral Partha spear-armed dwarf (sculpted by Bob Olley) as a standard bearer (on GW pony), an the limited edition Dwarf on Pony (sculpted by Colin Dixon) from the Collecting Citadel Miniatures Yahoo Group.

One of my all-time favourite conversions is this cavalry drummer. The drums are blobs of greenstuff, and the stick is a short length of brass rod. Everything is on top of the underlying model so it has not been damaged. I'm quite proud because I think it looks really subtle and is in-keeping with the pose of the model.

If you want to get hold of some dwarf cavalry, then several other makers produce fine dwarf cavalry models if you want to avoid eBay prices. Mirliton makes the old Grenadier dwarfs on bears, White Knight produces renaissance-style dwarfs on ponies (much like the Maruader style), TheBattleForge produces traditional dark age/viking style ones (with ponies similar to the GW ones) for reasonable prices. I also like Essex Miniatures' dwarf cavalry. These are again by Bob Olley (but they are big so will not mix with GW). Asgard Miniatures also made dwarven cavalry - the riders are ok, but the horses are a bit odd. But you might be able to get some cheap.

I am going to have to crack these guys out for a game sometime - maybe Oldhammer 2016 if fate allows!

Next time: Artillery :D