Monday, 9 November 2015

I finished something! And yet the lead pile still grows....

Yes, the title is correct - I actually finished something!

I came back to these guys after a bit of a break - I got a bit fed up with the models, left them for a bit, and came back to them the other weekend. I've given them just a standard paint job, nothing special for me - but I'm glad to clear a bit more off the table. The kroxigor was more fun to paint because of the novelty of painting using different skin colours. I also think that my layering techniques work pretty well on lizardmen.

Both the kroxigor and the skaven deathamster will be mainly used as monsters in Warhammer Quest (WHQ). I have a small lizardman army to get painted, including a slann, temple guard, salamanders, and the obligatory skinks and saurus warriors. When it will be finished, I do not know.

Next up, I have bought a lot of the 'White Knight Renaissance Dwarves' from White Knight's Miniature Imperium. These are basically the spiritual successor to the classic Marauder miniatures renaissance / landsknecht dwarfs of the 80s and 90s, and are a more complete range. I cannot recommend them enough.

I've had these guys for ages, but never quite liked the 'knightly' look of the original models. It finally dawned on me at the weekend to swap out the big armoured heads with huge plumes for more 16th-17th century style morions and reiter/cuirassier type helmets, and this aesthetic really works well for me. The beauty of the models is that virtually all of them are modular, so head swaps are easy as pie. I am hoping to get these guys properly painted in the next few weeks.

New figures have also arrived this week - some lovely Asgard space marines (80s models now rereleased by AA) and dwarf rune golems straight from Alternative Armies. I have also backed the Diehard Miniatures Kickstarter, run by ex-Games Workshop 'Eavy Metal painter Tim Prow - this also has some lovely space frog and snakeman models, and the project is going great guns.

So, in spite my efforts, the lead pile grows once again. The wargaming gods bless me and mock me in the same breath.

Next on my blogging agenda, I'll be sharing some pics of my dwarf collection over the next few blog posts. This follows on from a conversation I had on Twitter. Even though they're not new, I think blogging will be the most convenient and appropriate way of sharing the pics. So you have been warned - expect lots of dwarves for the next 2-3 weeks.

See you next time! :D

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