Welcome to the Rob's Figures blog. My name is Rob, and I am a wargamer / collector / trader. I have been involved with the hobby since the early 1990s, when games like Heroquest, Space Hulk and Battlemasters first started to cross over into mainstream culture. Over the years I stuck with it, and got involved in games such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer Quest, Necromunda and 40K, along with some 15mm historicals ( DBA / DBM ).

Vikings! From the Essex Miniatures 15mm range

 For the last few years I have not played much, but have still collected slowly on the side, particularly for my Warhammer Dwarf army and my Warhammer Quest / dungeoncrawl exploits. Now I am also starting a mini Rogue Trader project, and am looking at maybe making a couple of new DBA armies, or getting involved with SAGA.

When I'm not messing with wargames, I'm playing with computers building websites and building up my programming skills. I also enjoy reading, following the financial markets, and keeping fit.

Tom Bombadil says hello!

Please enjoy the blog!